Analysis of the state of investment markets

The company regularly analyzes the global investment markets in terms of their potential profitability and risks:
  • Government debt market - government bonds of countries by region (Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China, Australia). US Treasury and Municipal Bonds.
  • Corporate bonds of the world's largest companies.
  • Stock markets - markets for stocks traded on the world's largest stock exchanges.
  • Market of major world currencies.
  • Markets for the main exchange commodities - oil, gas, grain, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Derivatives markets - contracts of various types and maturities for most investment assets.

Drawing up investment

The company advises clients on the tasks of creating investment portfolios:
  • Analyzes the investment preferences and capabilities of clients; conservative and aggressive investments.
  • Assesses the potential profitability and risks of investment portfolios of clients, taking into account the regional characteristics of assets.
  • Develops recommendations for changing the structure and regular rebalancing of portfolios in terms of profitability, risks and investment timing.

Investment training

The company trains clients through the following online training courses:
  • Segments of financial markets, features of investment assets and investment opportunities.
  • Debt securities, their properties and features.
  • Fundamental analysis of the markets. Study and assessment of economic factors, fundamental assessment of a security.
  • Technical analysis of the markets. Study of the dynamics of prices of investment assets.
  • Investment management. Drawing up investment portfolios.